The brand

The creative process

<transcy>Restoration, a precious renewal</transcy>

We believe in the value of time as much as we believe in the power of renewal. Indeed, thanks to our color blend, every painted part of the shoe can be restored throughout time, so that your DZOYÉs can be worn every day, everywhere.

Slow fashion, the time of beauty

Having close to heart the value of sustainability, DZOYÉ celebrates its Made in Italy choice for both materials’ usage and production processes. Faithful to the slow fashion philosophy, it offers capsule collections as well as one-off pieces customized upon request, with exclusive and unrepeatable decorations.

In the pair, the right shoe differs from the left, the top from the bottom and even the sole can be customized. Let creativity break free!

<transcy>The soque</transcy>

<transcy>The Corner</transcy>

<transcy>The baby Macaron</transcy>


Create your own DZOYÉ

I saw the uniqueness of my DZOYÉs taking shape from Chicco Margaroli’s creativity, one brush stroke after another. It was a unique and engaging experience. Thank you Chicco!

Eleonora C.