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In the heart of the tropical forest, the toco toucan shines for the exuberant colors of its beak. He lived all over Europe, in the Wunderkammern of passionate natural scientists. Though, it is possible to hear its exclusive sound only in a pure environment. Tuc toc tuc toc.

Suede upper part
Alder wood sole

Hand-crafted by our master shoemaker, DZOYÉ’s soque keeps the original shape and comes with an alder wood sole, as tradition dictates. Lightweight and insulating, this material protects the foot from the ground while the Vibram pads ensure a greater grip on the ground.
The upper part has instead replaced the leather top with a suede one, to make the shoe more comfortable and elegant.

As embellishment, a perimetral leather trim and small structural nails that evoke the ancient origins of the clog.
Thanks to a special color blend, the pictorial areas are waterproof and restorable through time.

Every pair is a one-off piece, created under the artistic flair of artist Chicco Margaroli.