Skyway Monte Bianco




From the collaboration with Skyway Monte Bianco, the innovative Aosta Valley cableway that climbs Mont Blanc up to 3.466 meters high, two creations are born.Point of View, the scarf that illustrates the historical excursus of the first ascents to the summit, emphasizing the challenge that ancient adventurers had to accept: challenging heights and glaciers equipped with humble equipment and conquering the summit, the roof of Europe. Point of View urges you to exceed yourself to reach new horizons.

The Montagne Humanisée scarf, which represents the epic story of the first rope spans of the cableway and its new futuristic reality. In the union between past and present, the elegant figure of the builder Lora Totino coexists with vintage skiers and mountaineers with contemporary equipment. The futuristic buckets illuminate the panorama in an extra-temporal scenario.

Forest Sentinel for Rudy Zerbi



At the presentation of the DZOYÉ collection, at the Maserati Mountain Lounge in Courmayeur, Chicco Margaroli meets Rudy, who for years has entertained Italians on the radio and on the small screen with his friendliness and spontaneity. He is fascinated by the DZOYÉ illustration of a toucan, whose sound is an indication of a still virgin nature. So the artist created Forest Sentinel for him, which on the back offers a new decoration, a glamorous forest. Camouflage foliage protects fluorescent orange tree trunks, a sign of attention.Be careful, here there is forest, here there is life!

Flow Dance for Aiisha



In 2018 the collaboration began with the Lebanese designer Aiisha, who wore DZOYÉ in her public appearance at the conclusion of her PreFall fashion show. Inspired by the theme of the deep sky, the Speed ​​Universe and Aiisha models are created for her, amphibians and boots that release the magical and mysterious power of the cosmos.
One year later, the second chapter of the partnership opens for the Resort 2019 collection, presented at the Arab Fashion Week in Dubai. A hymn to dance and sensuality, which DZOYÉ depicts in a dynamic and engaging composition. In Flow Dance, the main pattern of the collection, dancers and mermaids move among cherry blossoms, tropical vegetation and small urban landscapes, creating a dreamlike and lively atmosphere.

Make Poise for Marcella Pralormo




Her sharp and lively gaze and her extremely expert words on art. These are the elements that inspired the DZOYÉ Make Poise. The protagonist is the hummingbird, one of the smallest, lightest and most colorful birds present in nature. He knows how to "hold the air" with absolute precision and reach his goal with determination, thanks to his flapping of wings so fast that it guarantees balance and firmness. A true captain in the exploratory flight on the beauty and complexity of the art world.

The Heart has its Seasons



'The Heart has Its Seasons' is a charity project in collaboration with the voluntary association Les Amis du Coeur du Val d'Aoste, in support of heart patients.In the scarf designed by DZOYÉ, the heart, a metaphor for Nature to which we all belong, is the precious treasure chest that reveals its biological and emotional phases, its four seasons. Each is sacred, each is vital to preserve its natural cyclicality.

In Media's Res for Daria Bignardi



Between Latin and Saxon genitive: classical and contemporary culture. This is the original suggestion that immediately emerged in defining the creativity of DZOYÉ In Media's Res. Daria's distinctive trait is her composed manner and the thousand sharp questions that point to the center. So the artist dedicated to her not so much flowers and decorations, but fruitful pollen. The one that expands fast and free and stretches over unusual areas. On the other hand, his interviews often reveal unknown faces of his guests.

Nature du Bellevue for Bellevue Hotel&Spa


The twenty-year collaboration between Chicco Margaroli and the Bellevue Hotel&Spa in Cogne, in the Aosta Valley, was born from the passion for tradition and love for nature. Symbol of authenticity and excellence in the international hotel scene, the structure brings together various works by the artist, including the capsule collection of footwear designed by DZOYÉ.In the colors of cherry red and autumnal green, Alpine nature is enclosed in emblematic elements: prairie animals, the Crocus Vernus flower and tatàs, the ancient Aosta Valley wooden toys on wheels.

FL for Federico Longhi




Among the first friends to wear the painted and personalized slippers, when the DZOYÉ world was still being formed. As the artist   recounts, «He spoke to me about Rigoletto, about the qualities of extension of the arias and, extraordinary thing, he always explained them to me while singing. This for me is the wonder between us: long journeys together and his voice, a musical instrument always at his side, ready to show all its nuances.» Federico wore the first DZOYÉ slipper at the Verona Arena, who knows which stages the next creations will touch.

Michil and Joe Costa


History of a large family and passion for refined, cultured and aware tourism: this is the context of the DZOYÉ Sehr Schön. Representing Michil is his beloved vintage bicycle, with its large front wheel. His slow progress is emblematic of the meditative process that he applies to every sphere in which he operates, achieving excellence. For Joe the daisies, taken from the illuminated codex of Giorgio di Challant, and combined with Tyrolean-style decorations. From Valle d'Aosta to Alta Badia, the Alps are an indissoluble bond.